I think i’ve found my new favourite film. It is so un-PC it defies belief.

The whole premise revolves around a female presidential candidate trying to get re-elected by sending an Afro-American gentleman to the moon. The big fly in the ointment is that the moon is now populated by Nazi Germans who fled earth back in 1944 prior to losing the war. Continue Reading


As Shocktober 2014 draws to a close, I thought I’d go back and revisit a classic. Although referred to as Ghouls in the movie itself, Night of the Living Dead is where Zombies first came to be. For the un-initiated, the film sets out to capture the horror of the dead coming back to life and focuses on a group of survivors holed up in an abandoned farmhouse whilst fending off the undead horde. Continue Reading


V/H/S 2 continues the theme set up in the first movie of a linking story between 4 separate stories. This time its a pair of private investigators looking for a missing college student. They end up in a seemingly deserted house full of, you guessed it, VHS tapes and TVs. Continue Reading

conjuring cover

The last few years has seen some pretty decent horror movies come from this group of film makers. They’ve churned out quality titles such as Paranormal Activity, Insidious and Sinister. The Conjuring doesn’t stray too far from the tried and trusted possession plotline, but does offer up a few original moments along the way. The plot focuses on alleged true case files of a married couple who are paranormal investigators. The story focusing on an “as-yet unpublished” case file of theirs. Continue Reading


Anthology horror films tend to suffer from inconsistent quality. You might get 1 story told really well, with amazing effects and brilliant acting and direction. Once the budget has been blown, the better actors used, no time for rewrites, etc. you’re left with 2-4 segments where something is missing. Continue Reading

October is upon us and that can mean only one thing. Horror !!!


Throughout the month we’ll be subjecting ourselves to some of the best, and worst, of what the genre has to offer. With such a huge variety to choose from it’s going to be tricky to decide what makes the cut, but we’ve got a few picks in mind already so stay tuned.

With classics of the genre from the likes of Argento and Romero, right up to the modern fascination with found footage. We’ll have it all right here in the So Bad It’s Good Shocktober Spectacular.


This film is one cliche after another. There’s pretty much nothing original about it. The plot is pretty much as thin as they come. Bunch of petrol heads showing off their pimped out rides with the desire of being noticed by the patron of a secret, annual race where everyone races for pinkslips. Continue Reading


If you thought the first one was ludicrous, prepare to be amazed (and bemused and confused!). This sequel moves the action from the West coast of the USA to the East coast, but retains everything you loved(?) about the original – namely shark-infested tornadoes, over-the-top acting and sequences that don’t just ignore the laws of physics, but openly mock them. Plus you get lots of cameo appearances, glaring continuity errors and a few film homages that keep you entertained. Continue Reading