One comment on “Gravy

  1. Gravy should have comfortably sat in the Venn diagram intersection of Shocktober and bad films that are good. It doesn’t. This is a well written, acted and produced little gem. A treat, if you will, for the month that includes Halloween.

    It doesn’t try to be hilarious all the way through like some comedy-horror films, which almost invariably fail. It’s darkly humourous with enough gore for me to consider this a horror-comedy, rather than a comedy-horror. All the characters are 3 dimensional, which makes a refreshing change from the usual cookie-cutter sports jock/brainiac/cheerleader/prom queen/etc. roll call.

    If you’re looking for a total gorefest this isn’t the film for you, but it’s surprisingly good film nonetheless. As Craig mentioned above the cast is packed with enough decent character actors for you to be reaching for iMDB as the closing credits roll.

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