One comment on “DOA: Dead or Alive

  1. Once again i’d had the luxury of witnessing this marvel of modern cinema some years ago. I remember it being reasonably enjoyable back then so it wasn’t much of a hard sell when i suggested Simon and I watch this last week.

    This is probably one of, if not the, best movie adaptation of a video game out there today. It fuses elements of video games like stamina readouts (via nanobots injected into the combatants), KO announcers and tournament rankings in with the action. Speaking of the action, the film makers have done a reasonable job of presenting a cast who you normally wouldn’t associate with action (Holly Valance, Jamie Pressly et al) and as a result, the various fight scenes come across as fairly believable, well about as believable as kung-fu wire work martial arts can be.

    Whilst the film isn’t taking itself seriously, it’s also not an out and out spoof. Good action, decent story, little bit of humor and the signature DOA admiration of the female form make this a film well worth watching. DOA holds the unfortunate mantle of being the thirteenth film to be reviewed on this site, but i’m pleased to say it most definately sits in the top five of those thirteen and is one i’m sure to come back to again for a third, and even fourth viewing.

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