One comment on “Atlantic Rim

  1. I’m guessing the live action sequences of this film were shot over a weekend. There is constant re-use of the same shot, some scenes slowed down and dragging out far too long, stock footage of random things which are of a completely different film grain to the rest of the movie. At one time, I believe we even noticed a few seconds of footage directly ripped from Sharknado 2.

    The problems I have with are many, but here are just a few that i struggled with.

    – Why does that guy have an eye-patch? It’s never explained.
    – How come every patron of a bar in flames is dead, but a “little” ten year old girl manages to survive smoke and flames?
    – Why is this “little” ten year old girl taller than 60% of the rest of the actors?
    – What happened to the strained love triangle which injects itself into the film out of nowhere and promptly gets forgotten about?
    – Half way through the film, why re-design a perfectly working control system for the robots consisting of usual tank, helicopter controls in favour of one that taps into the human nervous system meaning your moves are translated to robot moves? Cue robots bending over holding their knees while they catch their breath every five minutes. ROBOTS SHOULD NOT GET TIRED.

    I could go on, but i think you get the picture. As Simon highlighted in his original write up, this film should be avoided at all costs. Even the “hey remember Starbuck from Galactica” female lead doesn’t present sufficient enough eye candy to make this worthy of anybody’s time or money.

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