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If you thought the first one was ludicrous, prepare to be amazed (and bemused and confused!). This sequel moves the action from the West coast of the USA to the East coast, but retains everything you loved(?) about the original – namely shark-infested tornadoes, over-the-top acting and sequences that don’t just ignore the laws of physics, but openly mock them. Plus you get lots of cameo appearances, glaring continuity errors and a few film homages that keep you entertained. Continue Reading

RoboGeisha Cover

Robo-Geisha is a bizarre film from the team that brought us the crazy Machine Girl. The plot follows two rival sisters, one a Geisha, one a wannabe Geisha, as they try and one up each other by adding ludicrous augments to their bodies. Amongst the augments on show are such wonders as butt-swords, armpit blades, saw blade mouths, breast guns and so on. Plenty of gore and dismemberment ensues but a lot of it is low budget CGI. I would have preferred more practical effects than leaning so heavily on pixelated blood squirts. Continue Reading


This film does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave your logic at the door and just go with the flow. So many standout moments of awfulness, but my favourite is the scene where one of the characters gets hit by a massive, shark-filled, wave and utters the immortal line: “Ow!”. This isn’t an “ow!” that’s shouted out. It’s the kind of “ow!” that you’d voice if you lightly stubbed your toe! Continue Reading

Everybody has seen a bad film at least once in their life. Some of them at least let you derive some form of pleasure, but all too often they are just out and out rubbish.

This blog aims to capture myself and Simon’s view of such films. We will hopefully provide some insight into the world of b-movie *cough* classics, and poke a bit of fun at the film industry along the way.

We have a few in our back pocket to write up, but this week we’ll be kicking off proceedings with a viewing of Sharknado 2 : The Second One.

There isn’t going to be any hard and fast schedule to any of this, we’ll just post as and when something appropriate lands on Netflix or wherever. So watch this space and enjoy the ride.