Blumhouse Productions are fast becoming the go to place for 21st century horror with the dizzying rate at which they churn out films. Insidious: Chapter 2 is no exception. Taking place seemingly days or weeks after the original it depicts the aftermath Dalton’s exorcism.

The story once again sees the Lambert family undergoing what appears to be another haunting within the house. Pianos play themselves, doors mysteriously open and figures fall in and out of shadows or the corner of the eye. Typical fair for this genre of film but handled to great effect. Continue Reading

The 2007 Rob Zombie re-imagining of the John Carpenter classic is something we’d managed to over-look in the 8 years since it’s release. I say it’s a re-imagining as opposed to a re-telling as it does come at things from a slightly different angle.

We are confronted with a film with three main phases. There is the phase where Myers is a child dealing with abuse in the family home, then we progress to phase two where Dr Loomis is trying to help Myers whilst he undergoes psychiatric care in a mental hospital. The third and final phase deals with Myers’ eventual escape from the hospital and the hunt for his “victim”. Continue Reading

And so we come to the second of this year’s Shocktober fare, the third film in the V/H/S franchise: V/H/S Viral. Craig and I were both looking forward to this third instalment, having enjoyed most of what the first 2 films had to offer. Take a look back at our reviews if you have time.

However, to say we were disappointed with this film is an understatement. In the previous 2 films the linking stories were intriguing, scary, interesting and/or shocking. Here it’s just meh. The individual stories themselves are based on some good ideas all let down by bad execution and/or acting. I’ll go through each segment individually later, so you can avoid spoilers, but to be honest with you I can’t see many people enjoying this ragtag effort. If this is the last V/H/S film, it’s a sad finale for what was shaping up to be a decent franchise.



gravy 2015 psoter

Gravy had the potential to be truly awful and tick all the boxes this website thrives upon. Relatively low budget, couple of recognisable faces (oh that’s him from that thing and that Top Shop model bird with the funny shaped head) and an un-inspiring plot. How wrong we were! Continue Reading

It’s Shocktober once again folks, the month where we subject ourselves to random horror films. This year we’re aiming to combine the horror with the “so bad it’s good” aesthetic, in that we aren’t focusing on mainstream hits.


On our list for this month are such “classics” as Gravy, VHS 3, Killer Tongue and we may even throw in an Argento just for laughs.

We’re probably not going to get through as many as we’d like to as a new addition to the family has resulted in fewer opportunities to just sit back and watch crap, but we’ll do our best.


And so we come to the third film in the Sharknado magnum opus. The formula remains the same: Sharks, tornadoes, bad acting and dialogue, sharks in tornadoes, copious amounts of blood and a heavy sprinkling of guest stars in cameo roles.

Even before the opening title sequence we witness a sharknado wreak havoc on the White House and various Washington D.C. landmarks. As I was watching this I was wondering how they were going to top that in the rest of the film. And, sadly, they don’t. Although the final quarter of the film gives it a good go. Continue Reading


Picture the scene. Toxic barel falls off the back of a truck and spends the next 3 minutes drifting down a river behind a silhouette animation of beavers gnawing at treas. At the end of it’s journey it springs a leak spewing toxic waste over a beaver damn. Thus a new race of furry terror is born. Zombeavers. Continue Reading


This film is based on some Saturday Night Live sketches and is a spoof of the MacGyver TV show. I’ve not seen the SNL sketches and a lot of films based on TV shows or sketches don’t live up to the originals, but this film is very funny. Its adult humour and sometimes quite un-PC, but its always on the mark. From fairly short Continue Reading


DOA: Dead or Alive is the movie adaptation of the popular videogame franchise of the same name. Generally, films based on videogames tend to stink, but DOA is pretty good. It’s faithful to its source material, featuring a knockout fighting tournament set on a tropical island and the fight scenes are well executed. Some of the acting and dialogue is stilted, especially at the start, but once it gets going it’s a real turn-your-brain-off-and-enjoy film. Continue Reading


Atlantic Rim was a rush released film trying to ride the coattails of the Guillermo del Toro film Pacific Rim. Now I enjoyed Pacific Rim and I’m yet to see a poor, let alone rubbish, film from del Toro, but if someone were to make a decent spoof of Pacific Rim I wouldn’t get upset. Atlantic Rim is NOT that film. Continue Reading